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Welcome to the Forest's Edge. This is a quick-start file designed to
help you get going as fast as possible.

You will start in one of two main towns. If you are a member of the evil
races (orcs, gobins, ogres, trolls, or vyans) you will begin in the evil
town of
Voaleth. All other race types start in the good town of
Chiiron. It is probably in your best interests to stay close to town
until you get a feel for the mud. You You may get a map of your
settlement by typing 'help Voaleth' or 'help Chiiron' respectively. It
is a good idea to wander about town and learn your way around. Go into
shops and type 'list' to see what each sells, 'custom' to see if the shop
offers to make any custom-made items, and 'practice' to see what skills
you may practice in a location. It is not wise to kill shopkeepers,
start with rabbits and frogs outside of town and work your way up from
there. There is a being in each starting town who will answer many
questions posed to it. In Chiiron it is the weary elf, In Voaleth the
aged troll - a good way to start is by going up to it and typing
elf advice'
or 'ask troll advice' as the case may be. To get
help on a topic, type help . You might also want to try out
index, which you can begin using by simply typing index and
following the instructions.

For starting XP in Chiiron, try killing the frogs north of town or the
rabbits outside the west and east gates near town. If you are starting
in Voaleth seek out the tunnel worms east of town or the screech bats
north and east of town. Remember to use the
consider command before
you attack a mob - this can tell you, very roughly, how tough a mob is to

Some mobs, such as rabbits and screech bats, may be skinned. You may
then sell their skins to raise money. (See help

Important commands which you should learn to check frequently are
score, inventory, leech, identity, and reputation.

To learn how
custom items work, check out help custom.

For information on skills, type help

Other useful files which you might wish to read include help
and help
starting. If you are a member of class that casts spells,
read help
leech and help prepare.

Before you reach level 5, you will need to get your character
approved. See help approvals and follow the directions therein
when you get the opportunity.

The global/public channels here are
chat, gossip, ooc
(out-of-character),, and
auction. Immortals generally only listen to
gossip. If you have a question, feel free to ask for help on chat - the
other players will be very friendly if you identify yourself as a newbie.

To learn more about mud policies, type help

When you get a chance, type "reputation" to learn why you shouldn't
attack shopkeepers or guards - people remember you and your past deeds.