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Battle standards are flags or pennants which are flown on poles. Often,
clans use battle standards to mark which areas they are running, so others who
enter the area will know that someone else is already looting and pillaging
the area. At one point, mundane battle standards were used as markers, but
adventurers soon realized that competitive parties might steal and hide these
standards, then later claim not to have seen them.

Taalo's of Medienne started a research partnership with a group of renegade
gnomish mages, and developed a magical battle standard which can be created
for use only by a clan, thereby preventing the theft and destruction of the
standards by interlopers. Taalo's now sells to clans machines which vend
these standards out to clan members. The installation and customization of
the machine (and standard) cost 150pp. Each standard from the machine costs

Once purchased, a standard is set in a location using the 'set', 'place' or
'plant' command. When a standard is set, its magical properties give it life
for an extended period of time. Clan battle standards will last quite a while
without any intervention from players (15 repops, max). If a standard goes
its full lifespan without being re'set' it will disappear forever, and a new
standard will need to be purchased. As a standard reaches the point where it
is in danger of disappearing, its description will change so that anyone
looking at the standard will notice it's degrading condition. Re'set'ing the
standard will reactivate the magics of the standard, and re-invigorate it's

Personal battle standards are more rare, and have inferior lifespans to clan
battle standards. While any members of a clan might handle a clan battle
standard, only the individual who sets the personal battle standard can
retrieve it again.