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auction : lists items for sale
auction : places an item on the auction block
auction undo [slot] : removes an item placed on the auction block


Auction places an item on the
auction block. At this point a timer is
started. Players may bid on an item using the bid command. To place a bid
you must have sufficent funds in your bank account. At the end of the time
whoever has placed the highest bid receives the item. If noone has bid on the
item it is returned to the seller. If either seller or buyer has quit the
game the transaction still occurs with the player file being modified as
appropriate. Gold is only transfered between bank accounts so if an item is
sold the seller's bank account will be credited with the bid price (minus the
daemon'e fee of 5%) and the buyer's debited. The auction undo command removes an
item from the block assuming it is issued shortly after the item is auctioned.
If the buyer's inventory is full, the item is dropped nearby, so be sure that
you have available inventory space before bidding!

You may set how much information you receive over the info channel about
auction with iflag auction. Level 1 means you only receive a message when an
item is placed on the block. Level 2 adds messages for the selling of items.
Level 3 is all messages including bids on items.

The abbreviations listed under condition are described below:

wls = worthless
dmg = damaged
vwn = very worn
wrn = worn
vsc = very scratched
scr = scratched
rea = reasonable
goo = good
vgo = very good
exc = excellent
prf = perfect

See also: bid, iflag, atalk