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Masked Ashallan, as she is often known, is goddess of thieves, stealth, and
deception. She has never appeared without her face being obscured by some
form of mask. Most often, this mask is of black cloth and wrapped about her
head to obscure all but her black eyes. Ashallan's eyes are dark pools of
shadow, with no discernable difference between iris and pupil, though the
whites can be clearly seen about them.

Patroness of all that is hidden, Masked Ashallan is said to have a love for
secrets, silence, and those who dwell within both. A frequently told tale
among the faithful ends with the lines: "So, you can keep a secret?" asked
Ashallan. Most often, the other speaker is a god of good, particularly
Lonil. "Yes," the other god replied. "So can I," Ashallan whispered, with a
soft grin, and sneaked out into the night. She grants her protection to those
who rely on wits, agility, and cunning to make a life for themselves out of
this world. Thieves are especially looked upon with favor among the
faithful. Masked Ashallan's name has been linked romantically to Temohpab,
granting her some animosity from Iniara, but the Masked One has made no
confirmation or denials of this rumor.

Ashallan's symbol is most often represented as a stylized black mask, though
only the incredibly ignorant believe there aren't further secret symbols used
by the faithful.

Due to her complete disregard for law, Ashallan does not accept any lawful
members into her Den, as the faithful refer to themselves, letting the masses
call themselves sheep in flocks if they prefer.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any non-lawful (NG, CG, PN, CN, NE, CE)