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appearance : sets your appearance


Characters that you have never met before are described by their
physical appearance. Only after a player
introduces themselves to
you will you see their name. This appearance can be set by the player.
The commands to do so are appearance and

Appearances do not need to start with "a/an." The game does this
for you. You do not need a "." at the end.

Your appearance should show those physical characteristics that
another person would first notice when looking at you. It should not
show emotion or how someone might react to your appearance. Avoid words
that would be assumed for your race already (i.e. short, stocky dwarf or
tall, thin vyan). Appearances should also not include actions such as
hiding (a thief skill) or things that assume how you are clothed.
Your race *should* be included
(disguses do not, as such, exist right now, so appearances such as
'mysterious figure cloaked in darkest samite' are not acceptable.)
References to your race should not be capitalized. And if you wish to
use a number in your appearance, please spell it out.

Your keywords should include every word from your appearance, including
race, separated by spaces, not commas.

Slang such as "buff, ripped, butch, cool, etc" is not acceptable and will
not be approved.

Lastly. you need to set a description. This is done with the command
description. After you have set appearance, keywords and description ask
politely over the request channels for any avatar to approve you ("help
request"). It is mandatory that you be approved to gain any level past 5th.
There are a great many players these days, and it is a good idea to try
to come up with keywords, and a part of your appearance that are unique.

An example of an unacceptable appearance or two:
Jedi Knight
mysterious figure
two-headed Chaos Troll, crackling with eldrich energy
tall, dark, thin vyan
tall elf radiating a bright aura of goodness
short, stock dwarf with a beard
short green guy
15 foot tall Ogre picking his teeth

Some examples of acceptable appearances:
red-bearded dwarf with an axe-shaped tattoo
silver-eyed, graceful elven maiden
warty, slack-jawed troll covered in tribal scars
bandy-legged goblin with crooked teeth
balding orc with bright-red tufts of hair
lice-infested, one-eyed ogre