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Anor, once The Child-Goddess, is known now as Lady of the Moon. She is the
goddess of love, beauty, and music. It is said that she can never appear on
the world in her true form, as the pure beauty of it would stop the heart of
any mortal. But the faithful claim that she does indeed appear, just in a
lesser form, out of her love for her followers. She favors the form of a
woman with black hair and silver eyes, and is traditionally clothed in a dress
of white. She also enjoys to appear as a pure white songbird, though
nightingales are particularly favored. White roses are said to be hers,
especially any that bloom under the light of the full moon.

Anor is goddess of love, beauty, music, and of course, the moon. The Lady of
the Moon takes no side in the strife between gods, preferring to see the
beauty in both sides. She is a kind goddess, though capricious she never sets
out to cause harm. She is said to be the moon, as that is what looks over
young lovers as they steal out into the night to celebrate their love.

Her symbol can be expressed in several ways -- an old form is just a crescent
moon. The ornate and formal symbol is a perfect white rose over a full moon,
though the white rose or the full moon are also used separately.

Anor accepts any into her faithful as long as they have a nature to appreciate
love, beauty, music, and the silver light of the moon. She does not tolerate
destruction, as beauty can be lost and music forever silenced, so does not
accept those devoted to chaos.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any non-chaotic (LG, NG, LN, PN, LE, NE)