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alias : lists your aliases
alias [-#] : create new alias or replace existing alias
alias : deletes the alias


This command allows you to replace a commonly used phrase by a shortened
version. Anywhere you type the abbreviation it replaces it with the
substitution. If the first letter of the abbreviation is a * then the alias
only takes affect if the first word on the line.

Preceding an alias with an * makes the alias only take effect if it is the
first thing typed on a line.

You can also specify a minimum number of letters to match by using the "-#"
argument, e.g. "-5".

Creating aliases that contain multiple commands require you include the '&'
character between each command.

alias df drink fountain : to drink from a fountain, type df.
alias df : deletes df alias.
alias *ef eat food : to eat food, type ef, and it will only occur if
typed at the beginning of the line.
alias -3 snicker emote snickers annoyingly.
: does an emote if you type sni, snic, snick,
snicke, or snicker, but *not* s or sn.