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Algesa, the Goddess of Law, is most often seen in the form of a tall, strong
warrior. The armor she wears is of exquisite quality, though the shining
beauty of it in no way detracts from its functionality. The silvery metal
gleams with a faint blue aura, a deep cerulean glow surrounding her like a
halo. Her blade, Divine Justice, is always by her side, a hand-and-a-half
sword with a golden hilt and razor-sharp blade.

She is the soul and essence of law, strongly favoring neither good nor evil.
Her affiliation is primarily with the gods of the Light, however, she is
respected by some among the Dark gods, notably Temohpab himself. Her
followers see her simply as absolute law -- swift, sure and unchallenged. She
is, of course, sworn foe to Ulthi and all of his fanatics. Algesa opposes all
illegal acts and will have no mercy on those among her devotees who would do
otherwise. She has been known to stretch forth her hand to stop gross misuse
of the law, for indeed, it is from her hands that law springs forth. Algesa
has been known to ally with Kerog, as she believe firmly in the right of war
and conquest to uphold and defend the law. She looks with disfavor, however,
on rebellions.

Her symbol is a set of scales perfectly balanced on the hilt of a sword, most
often a depiction of the blade Divine Justice.

Algesa is worshipped extensively in Medienne, where the refuge of law is
sought in the aftermath of war. Surprisingly, Algesa also has a toehold in
Voaleth, where the word of the Tyrant is breathed to be law itself, his
dictatorship absolute. Algesa only accepts those followers with a firm
commitment to law, and as such, does not approve of rogues attempting to
infiltrate her faithful.

Allowed worshipper alignments: Any lawful (LG, LN, LE)