Spells :: Tame

Energy Cost:60
Turns to Cast:3
Class/Level:Ranger 5th


Tame is a ranger spell allowing the caster to tame a wild animal. A tame
animal will become the pet of the caster. The profiency of the caster
determines chance of success. Also only certain types of monsters can be
tamed. A frog, skeleton or insect is impossible to tame, but a rabbit or bear
or other animal is possible.

You can only tame a number of animals whose total levels are less than or
equal to your level of experience.

Remember, implicit in the tame spell is the idea that the ranger is, in a
sense, befriending the creature. Rangers cannot, nor would they, gain the
trust of a creature only to betray it, sell it, or otherwise abuse the spirit
of such a creature.

Remember, also, that not all pets are welcome in all towns. Some citizens of
certain towns loathe certain animals and will attack them on sight.