Spells :: Song of the mystics

Energy Cost:30
Turns to Cast:3
Class/Level:Bard 20th


Ancient manuscripts speak of a "Golden Age of Art" within the land. During
this time elves, humans, and dwarves shared freely their crafts and magic and
often the line between magic and artwork blurred as the two were used in
conjunction to create amazing sculpture and mind twisting paintings that
defied the laws of physics and even visual conception.

One of these great antiquities was a tune known as "The Song of the Mystics"
that was said to be so harmonious with the soul that it opened paths within
the mind that could not otherwise be reached. Besides the obvious addictive
properties of this ballad, mages and clerics found it to have amazing affects
on the inner soul that fueled their magic.

Unfortunately this song has been lost and any who lived during this age, even
of the elven and dwarven races, are thought to be long since dead.