Spells :: Song of legends

Energy Cost:45
Turns to Cast:3
Class/Level:Bard 30th


Long ago, before elves even walked the land another race dwelled in the land,
a race known now only as the Ancients. Many of this Ancient race ascended as
deities, while the vast majority disappeared without a trace. Regardless
Anor, Lady of the Moon kept the legends of this race close to her heart for
thousands of years.

Recently Anor gifted a few individuals with a bit of her time, and more
importantly a bit of her knowledge. Since then these legends have been taught
to only the most elite minstrels of the land who have found that these stories
bring a peculiar sort of vitality to all who hears them, as though the
listener taps into the life essence of the world itself. Because this song is
such a recent introduction to the bardic repertoire (while most arcane ballads
have existed for centuries) little study has been given to this songs full