Spells :: Song of grace

Energy Cost:75
Turns to Cast:4
Class/Level:Bard 45th


The final song of Talisan's Trilogy of Enhancement is perhaps the most
dangerous, and beautiful. The precise vocal patterns needed requires decades
of practice on the part of the minstrel to master. The song of Grace when
compared to the other two songs in the Trilogy is surprisingly cerebral in
affect, although the results are physical. Under the influence of the Song of
Grace The Bard and his Party become extremely sensitive to their surroundings,
feeling the slightest breeze or even the soft thump of footsteps behind them
with amazing clarity. Furthermore their hand-eye-coordination rises and their
battle prowess if practiced under the affects can take on the qualities of an
intricate dance. No doubt the elves have long cherished this song for exactly
those uses both in combat and in entertainment.