Spells :: Searching

Class/Level:Mage 1st, Cleric 1st, Thief 1st, Warrior 1st, Paladin 1st, Ranger 1st, Druid 1st, Monk 1st, Bard 1st



search : searches the room
search on|off : toggles continual searching on and off


When you are actively searching, you spend a few more points of movement,
but you are more likely to find traps and secret doors. NOTE: Finding a
trap will only work if you are a Thief, Ranger, or Bard. And the ease of
finding said trap is descending in that order. So Thieves are the best
at finding them. They are also the ONLY class that gains the ability to
try and disarm them. Like any skill, the more adept you are at searching, the
less time you may spend doing it.

NOTE: Searching takes extra movement. Please also see help file on
options. Also see help file: untrap.