Spells :: Request ally

Energy Cost:200-(5*L)
Turns to Cast:2
Class/Level:Mage 75th


Through the ages, a mage has found his or her familiar to be more than
just a useful companion. Often a mage's familiar has become an extension
of the mage. Yet, limited by their small size, most were viewed as
nothing more than trained pets. Such is no longer the case. An
archmage, by tapping into planar magics, has been able to come up with a
spell designed to summon powerful allies that are more than just mere
familiars. In order for this spell to be successful, it must be cast on
an item likely to have some special meaning or semblance to the desired
ally being requested.

Due to the extreme power of this summoning, mages find themselves unable to
use these magics outside. The indoors, many have found, allow the mage to
channel the planar energies sufficiently to conjure up these allies.

These allies are said to aid only those of similar alignments. Rumors
speak of the following allies having previously been summoned:

Good Neutral Evil
---- ------- ----
Silver Dragon Crystal Dragon Black Dragon
Young Gold Dragon Young Amethyst Dragon Young Red Dragon
Satyr Dune Stalker Werepanther
Marble Gargoyle Ice Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle
Aerial Servant Dao Chimera
Hamadryad Djinn Drider
Hamadaryd Marid Osyluth
Weretiger Werefox Cornugon
Crystal Simulcrum Lightning Simulcrum Manticore
Winged Savant Efreet Greater Vrock