Spells :: Lesser summoning

Energy Cost:35-L
Turns to Cast:2
Class/Level:Mage 3rd


This is the most basic of the mage's spells designed to help them find a
familiar suited to their disposition. It can only be cast once per level, and
a mage, of course, can have only one familiar at a time. The success of all
of these spells requires that the mage have a symbolic item designed to
attract a specific type of animal. This incantation is targetted on that

A mage can use their familiar as an aide in battle, but it is more
important in its use as a scout and confidant. A mage may
switch to
take over the body of their familiar and
return to return to their
own body. Exactly what each familiar can do is based upon the specific

Good-aligned Familiars - Focus
white rabbit - carrot
chipmunk - acorn
small bird - worm
brown squirrel - walnut
brown duck - fish fillet
fawn - blade of grass
tree sprite - talonwood leaf
mouse - crumb
bear cub - lily
deer - corn

Neutral-aligned Familiars - Focus
rabbit - carrot
pond frog - lily pad
small bird - worm
fly - crumb
dragonfly - lily
gray squirrel - acorn
robin - blade of grass
dew sprite - talonwood leaf
lobster - fish fillet
deer - corn

Evil-aligned Familiars - Focus
harrier hawk - worm
twisted squirrel - acorn
twisted rabbit - carrot
chicken - biscuit
tan snake - blade of grass
toad - lily pad
crab - fish fillet
cockroach - crumb
deer fly - lily
quasit - chicken wing