Spells :: Forage

Class/Level:Ranger 3rd, Druid 3rd





Rangers use the forage skill to search for food or reagents in the wild. The
kinds of items they can find depend on the terrain in which they search.
However, rangers can't expect to stumble across fine china heaping with
freshly-cooked gourmet fare; sustenance culled from the wilderness tends to be
small, flavorless, and in some cases, downright disgusting. However, it is
preferable to starvation.


Forage is a skill that does not use energy points to utilize it. Spells such
as create food have a built in limitation based on energy consumption that
prevent them from being an infinite source of items and, as such, a person
must rest to regain energy before recasting. Non-energy based skills such as
forage have no such built in limitation. As such a limitation has been
included. Forage is area-based and if you forage too often in a area you will
not be able to find anything else in that area until such time as the "area"
has "rested" to allow more foragable items to proliferate. While this makes
forage area-based it has been decided that forage will still only work in
rooms of an appropriate nature to find items. That is to say, you still can't
forage woodland items on a road paved through the middle of the woods.