Spells :: Find mount

Energy Cost:125-(5*L)
Turns to Cast:2
Class/Level:Paladin 70th


Paladins are long accustomed to fighting with the aid of a mount. After
many, many years of buying and training these special companions, a very
skilled paladin is able to use their bond with their god to summon just
the right mount. Although a number of different reagents can be used to
summon their ideal mount, a wise paladin selects the correct one without
error. From ancient lore kept by bards, the following mounts have been
known to serve paladins when called upon:

Good Mounts Evil Mounts
----------- -----------
Hippocampus Shadow Stallion
Trained War Stallion Dark Pegasus
Battle Lion Black Griffon
Mistmare Dire Panther
Copper Dragon Stallion of Flame
Androsphinx Black Unicorn
Pegacorn Red Wyvern
Spirit Horse Thundermare
Silvery Pegasus Nightmare
Golden Griffon Blue Dragon

The rare Lawful Neutral Paladin is not without his own mount but such Paladins
are so rare few if anyone has any details.

Reagent: a divine symbol