Spells :: Find familiar

Energy Cost:150-(3*L)
Turns to Cast:4
Class/Level:Mage 20th


Find familiar is the mid-level spell which allows a mage to find just the
perfect beast to meld with. It can be successfully cast once per the
mage's level and a mage can only have one familiar at any given time.
The familiar must be attracted by a specific type of symbolic focus, and vary
based upon the mage's alignment.

Familiars are not always as strong as many pets, but the mage has the
ability to view and act through it's eyes, making them good scouts.
can also be used to get into small areas. Also, some familiars are
highly magical, and bestow magical abilities upon their master, when with

To switch into your famliar, the command is
switch. To return to
your body, the command is

Good Neutral Evil
---- ------- ----
Ulannu jay Moose Twisted fox
Giant white rabbit Giant brown rabbit Wasp
White cat Tabby cat Bone bears
Fade Brown bear Twisted wolf
White riding horse Gray wolf Black riding horse
Woodworm adult Riding horse Screech owl
War dog Pseudo-dragon Mountain lion
Mother eagle Giant praying mantis Giant bat
White stag Adult white-tailed eagle Rabid dog
Mote Stag Ornac

By the time a mage reaches the level of being able to find their perfect
familiar, they should know these beasts well enough to know what is likely to
attract them.