Spells :: Construct golem

Energy Cost:260-(3*L)
Turns to Cast:2
Class/Level:Cleric 60th


By casting this spell over a prepared reagent that has been molded into
the basic shape of the golem type being sought after, a cleric is able to
infuse the molded spell component with enough energy so that it takes on
'life.' In addition, the spell forces the golem to grow in size
significantly from its sculpted, doll-like form. Though incapable of
independant thought, the golems constructed by this spell follow the
orders of their cleric without question. The golems known to be
constructed by this spell are:

Good Golems Neutral Golems Evil Golems
----------- -------------- -----------
Copper Golem Clay Golem Ash Golem
Brass Golem Sand Golem Straw Golem
Lead Golem Glass Golem Bamboo Golem
Bronze Golem Obsidian Golem Seaweed Golem
Platinum Golem Stone Golem Vine Golem
Iron Golem Quartz Golem Wood Golem
Steel Golem Topaz Golem Bone Golem
Mithril Golem Corundum Golem Blood Golem
Electrum Golem Diamond Golem Chitin Golem
Adamantium Golem Starite Golem Flesh Golem

Reagent: a pristine emerald