Spells ::



shoot : shoots an arrow at a random target in the next room that
aim : you begin aiming in the chosen direction.
shoot : This allows you to shoot at a specific target in the
direction you are aiming. If you are not aiming, the
program will think you are trying to shoot and
most likely not understand.
shoot : If aiming, typing 'shoot' with no argument will shoot an
arrow at a random target in the room.

If you are out of arrows, 'aim' will return , and
'shoot' will return a blank line.

Unlike the previous version, you can now see how much damage your arrow
inflicts, though your target's status will always show up as
[ slightly scratched ]

Also, once a creature has been hit once with an arrow, it will tend to be
extremely wary and is very likely to dodge any future attempts to shoot at it.