Spells :: Animate dead

Energy Cost:90-(4*L)
Turns to Cast:2
Class/Level:Cleric 11th


With their intimate knowledge of the spells which restore life, clerics
can call on the power of their gods to reanimate a corpse to the caster's
will. This corpse will remain under the caster's will only so long as
the caster's power is infused into it. It is fearless of its wounds,
though it lacks the ability to recover from them. This is an evil spell,
favored generally by those to whom involvement with the dead is no great
moral quandry.

All undead created in this fashion are chaotic evil. Many civilized places
will attack such undead on sight and whoever is with them (meaning the creator
and any group members) are likely to be considered guilty by association and
attacked as well.

Reagent: a divine symbol