Society of Former Apathetics (SoFA)
Headmaster :: Usui
Taskmaster :: Sorin
Scribe :: Brez
Guardian :: Stella

It was a time of new beginnings in the land, many different peoples leaving
their homes in search of others. New generations were setting foot on paths
that their ancestors had only dreamt of walking, but with scarcely a clue. They
knew not what awaited them, nor did they know where to get the skills they
needed to survive the harsh and unforgiving wilderness.

No one remembers exactly how it happened, nor did anyone care. Most just went
on their merry ways and stayed their own courses in life. But a small band of
dark folks, including a couple of vyans, an icy troll, and a small goblin,
sought to help those who needed it, to aid those wandered too far, and to
instill knowledge in all those seeking it.

Several of those who were helped by this highly irregular group of cave-
dwellers wanted to help others as they had been assisted in their youth. Thus,
out of need for knowledge, the Society was born.

The Society's sole purpose is the pursuit of knowledge, and the circulation of
that knowledge to others of the world.


Headmaster/mistress: The coordinator of all of the knowledge obtained by the
Society. It falls to this leader to decide all matters of importance within the

Taskmaster: The holder of the position must undertake the task of assigning
clan members to help the citizens of the world, be they in the clan or not. The
Taskmaster must also assign a task for each new member to perform upon joining
the Society.

Scribe: The recorder of all of the knowledge that the clan has collected over
it's years. The Scribe must periodically update notes with the information
provided to them. In addition, the Scribe also keeps track of the status of
clan members.

Rules and Regulations:

It goes without saying that knowledge without organization quickly falls into
chaos. These rules and regulations are to be followed at all times on penalty
of expulsion.

* The Society accepts applications from all peoples level 10 or higher.
* Only those committed to the pursuit of knowledge will be allowed to join.
* Clan members will be expected to perform the tasks put forth by the
Taskmaster in a timely fashion. In return, any efforts to obtain knowledge
will be encouraged and help will be given if needed.
* Those who have ceased their seeking of knowledge for a period of 30 days or
greater will be put on an inactive list. If you know that you will be out of a
period of 30 days or more, a mud mail to the Headmaster will prevent this
action from being taken.
* After 30 days of being inactive, the person will be declanned, and anything
remaining in the stronghold will be put into a holding room for a period of no
less than 30 days. If the ex-clan member returns within this period, his/her
possessions will be returned to them. If the declanned person does not return
after the third 30-day period, everything remaining in the stronghold that was
in his/her possession will be turned over to the collective property of the
Society for use by other clanmates.
* There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above rule.
* Clan members who have been declanned in this way but wish to continue their
search for knowledge upon their return may rejoin the clan after a vote
between Clan Leaders has been cast.
* As we strive to spread the wealth of the mind to all others, the Society has
no grouping restrictions.


* All members of the Society must be of Pure Neutral or Evil alignment and
race. Only the neutral can dedicate their lives to the expansion of their
minds without letting outside interests interfere. We allow Evils because we
remember our roots.
* Remorts of Society members in good standing with the Society may be
readmitted without being assigned an admission task.
* We condone an environment of learning. Therefore, we must put any and all
applicants, remorts (as defined above) excepted, to a vote by the active
members of the Society. Membership is decided by ballots, collected by the
Headmaster. Applicants must have no more than two "no" votes.
* Once the vote is passed, the Taskmaster will assign the prospective member a
task to complete - most likely the customization of an item or the obtaining of
an object. Once completed, the Taskmaster will inform the Headmaster of such,
including the time it took to complete the task as well as what the task was.
The Headmaster will then render final judgment.
* The Taskmaster and Scribe are appointed solely at the discretion of the