Players in a Mercantile Position (PiMP)
Head Negotiator in Charge :: Rial
Expert Treasure Finder :: Siobhein
Leadership Positions
Head Negotiator In Charge: Vylla
Expert Treasure Finder: Snarvel

Clan History
In the slums of Medienne, along the south wall, a gnome and an ent grew up
poor and hard. At night, they shivered in a ramshackle hovel in South
Medienne. Instead of lullabies and parental comfort, they had the rythmic
clacking of the restless dead patrolling the graveyard on the other side of
the wall which supported their hovels to comfort and soothe their nightmares.
Their childhoods had little in the way of luxury. Even the bare necessities
were often sparse, and many was the night where they fed themselves off fawns,
bear cubs and the occasional wild boar trapped outside the gates, while their
parents drank rotgut at the Rusty Nail and whined about the price of firewood.

The ent, stunted and small for her race, learned the art of negotiation from
older, wiser crooks in the Nail. A club to the knee, a fist to the kidney,
the occasional corpse tumbled into the Medienne Town Dump: she learned these
arts as other, more well-off children learned reading, writing and 'rithmetic.
Her only rule was that she never laid a hand on anyone who wasn't in 'The
Game'. Honest citizens who never played dice, never borrowed money, never
cheated a fence... these people had nothing to fear from this vermillion-
tressed entess. Her boss, Shadow, had a saying about his customers: "Think
nobody cares about you? Miss a payment and see." For years, the vermillion-
haired entess and her gnomish compatriot were Shadows' version of a polite
reminder. The gnome explained, in excruciating detail, how hurt Shadow was
that the customer didn't see fit to visit anymore, while the entess discovered
new and fascinating ways to fracture bone.

After some years of being Shadow's collection team, the entess and the gnome
had saved up enough to give up knee-breaking as a vocation, and open a shop of
their own, the Player's Parlor. After giving Shadow a sizable gift to buy his
acceptance of their new-found entrepeneurial spirit, the ent and the gnome
built a shop in an unused storefront on the east side of Medienne, and began
wandering the world in search of exotic fineries and esoteric rarities with
which to stock their shop.

The goals of the Players are simple- cash is king. They grew up tough as a 2
copper steak, and all they want to do is make an honest platinum and explore
the world. The Players explore to stock their shop, and also take commissions
to acquire specific items of rarity or value for special customers.

Clan Hierarchy
Both leadership positions are equal in power, and the clan has
no real heirarchy other than this. The Ent and the Gnome formed this clan,
and they or their descendents hold all claim to authority and disposition of
profit. Each member will receive 75% of the commission for any item sold,
with the remainder going to the coffers of the Clan.

Clan Rules
Do work. The Clan needs work to thrive, so bring in rare and valuable items
for sale or on commission. Failure to do so for an arbitrary length of time
determined by the Ent and the Gnome will result in termination of contract.

Don't steal. Seriously, we'll kneecap you and then kick you from the clan.

Don't be an asshole unless absolutely necessary.

Joining Requirements
If both the Gnome and the Ent offer you a contract, you're hired. If not, the
door is in that general direction: don't let it hit you where the good Gods
split you.

Races Allowed

All light races are allowed. Vyans and other evil races cannot be trusted
with the resources of the Clan.

All good and neutral alignments are allowed. Evils look first to themselves
and second to the profit of the Clan.