New Horizon (HRZN)
Expedition Leader :: Ashera
Cartographer :: Elly
Quartermaster :: Yurvin
Chief Engineer :: Paulus

Across the known lands adventurers and greedy merchants alike have researched
documents both new and ancient speaking of a strange and lustrous isle of
untapped resources. It is believed that the isle is largely uninhabited by
the races except for a few that have formed an alliance for the sake of
survival. There are rumors that the isle is floating far above the clouds and
some that it is merely on the edge of the world. Without further exploration
we may never know its exact location or how to get there. Below are the
written words from what we call New Horizon.

A carefully rolled up page from a follower of Anor, the Lady of the Moon:

Where am I, M'Lady?
Have I done something to offend that I was sent to such a strange place?
Is this another test of my faith, or have you sent me here for some higher purpose?
By the light of your moon, I trust in your wisdom entirely.
Please lead me where you wish and I shall happily follow.

I remember as it was yesterday the day the Child Goddess first brought me here
to this place of strange beauty and danger. It has been so long ago that I
first woke up in this place as an acolyte. Even though I am unsure of what or
where this is; I have met some others here that were as confused as myself.
They have not shown much interest in her teachings on love, but we have begun
to build something quite beautiful. This is quite the group. She has
assembled me with goblins, vyans, elves and humans all working together. I
never would have thought to behold so many non-followers working and trusting
each other, overcoming all the stereotypes of darkness and light. Her
guidance has never failed me even when I can't see what Her intentions are.
She has never granted me rescue from this strange place, but the beauty of
this place and the people that are also here have made this such a wonderful
place. Before arriving here, I don't think I truly understood family but now
at least I understand the love a family has for each other. These people have
become my family. I love them as brothers and sisters, and never would I have
known them had it not been for the most wonderous Lady of the Moon.

An ancient and bloody page:

It is impossible to build a foundation with just the few of us on this strange
and colossal island. My only lifes regret is insisting that we enter the
strange portal that brought upon this fate. A lesson learned in trusting a
fledgling mage with an astral gate. Despite years of searching we have not
been able to find a way home, but we must be thankful for one thing, our new
companions. Begrudgingly we have had to work with adventures of the dark
races who arrived here after us through similar circumstances. Before my
group would have hunted them just because of their appearance but desperate
times have caused us to rely on each other to fend against the monsters on
this floating isle. Throughout the night you can hear the howls of what we
call nightstalkers who have claimed the lives of many of our crew. Someday we
would like to claim our fallen comrades bodies from the beasts lair, if
anything remains.

A yellowed piece of parchment:

We have managed to make some fortifications here with our combined knowledge
which allows us some safety from the islands chaotic weather and beasts. I am
ever thankful that our alliance has a wide variety of skills, from the rangers
who forage the island for our meals to the clerics who make our potions. If
only we had more members in this alliance could we thrive. We hope that
someday this place is found by others brave enough to enter the discolored
portals. Until then, we are thankful for every new horizon that we survive.

Scratched notes on a torn page:

Despite numerous attempts at recreating the botched ritual which sent us here,
we have been unsuccessful to date. Curse that overconfident vyan fool! I am
fortunate to have spare channeling crystals and chalk, though supplies are
running low. Soon, I will be forced to coordinate with the others stuck here,
as they might have alternate sources of reagents or knowledge that I do not.
Tomorrow I plan to lead an expedition into the local ruins in an effort to
obtain suitable magical components. Perhaps if Im able to refine this crystal
further, it will pierce the veil that surrounds the island on which were

Journal Entry:

It has been days and I still can't piece together the events from that one
fateful day that changed my life forever. I can recall meeting some bandits
that were there to assist me in my travels; however, on this day I was given a
location that I know I have been many times before, many years ago. I could've
sworn the directions were right at the river and around the fallen oak tree,
but I can't recall if I was given wrong directions. All I know is they were
waiting for me. I fought enough to flee and find shelter and I recall seeing
this hooded wizard who offered assistance and safety. As a portal grew from
the ground up I knew in my bones something wasn't right. I just have some
many questions. Were my comrades in on it or did they get attacked? Can
anyone be trusted or am I in this alone? Where am I? The air feels like
something I have never encountered before...

Journal Entry:

Many suns and moons have passed since my arrival in this strange land. I
still have not been able to determine where exactly here is, but this place is
most hostile and unforgiving. As I reflect on that fateful day, I rue letting
my greed best my better instincts. I relive that day almost every night in a
nightmarish loop of regret and sorrow. The small robed figure seemed ripe for
the picking, and I could hear the coins jingling as he walked down the forest
path. As I stealthily approached, all seemed to be going smoothly, when
suddenly, with preternatural speed, as if he knew I was there the whole time,
the figure turned to face me. An invisible force drove me backward to the
ground. I saw a red portal rise from the ground. I stood and tried to flee,
but it was no use, I was frozen in place. As the figure began laughing
maniacally, the same invisible force lifted me off the ground and propelled me
into the portal. After what seemed like an eternity, I landed in this
forsaken place.

Luckily for me, my stealth saved me while exploring this land, an island it
seems filled with awful beasts. During my exploration I came across others
stuck here. Unfortunately, they are all races I hate. However, after many
unsheltered nights, I swallowed my prejudices as best as I could and joined
forces with the "others". I am still biding my time waiting for the
opportunity to escape and stop working with these wretched beings; however,
for the time being, I choose to live.

Entry from "The Diary of an Unlucky Adventurer":

Died again. Don't know why Death keeps giving me another chance, but here we
are. Maybe he just thinks it's funny. Also don't know why he keeps asking me
where I want to go, when the answer hasn't changed in years. Maybe he just
wanted to give me a chance to screw up, like I did today. Coughing fit took
me as I spoke, and now I find myself lost on some accursed island floating in
the sky gods know where. I considered throwing myself off the edge for a
quick trip back to Death when I realized that, but no. With my luck this is
the last chance I get. Besides, think I saw some smoke earlier; maybe I'm not
alone up here?


1) As those who came before us, New Horizon is about coming together as
disparate individuals to survive, rebuild, and flourish in this inhospitable
world. We hope to offer a New Horizon, or second chance, to all races and
alignments that wish it, imitating how our arrival on the island forced us to
reevaluate long standing prejudices and work together.

2) In particular, we strive to help new adventurers find their feet in the
world, whether it be knowledge, equipment, active community, or all of the

3) To facilitate those goals of acceptance and a helping hand, we pledge to
maintain new adventurer kits stockpiled in our Stronghold, to be given freely
as needed, along with advice, company, or other offerings.


The EXPEDITION LEADER is responsible for the long-term survival, growth, and
needs of the clan as a whole.

The CARTOGRAPHER is responsible for documenting all areas explored, as well as
any items or supplies found, and disseminating that knowledge to others.

The QUARTERMASTER is responsible for organizing supplies, documenting
inventory, and pointing out shortages + needs when neccessary.

The CHIEF ENGINEER is responsible for taking requests for equipment or tools
needed to make life easier.


1) Members in good standing may share in a communal supply pool that has been
established for the survival and benefit of all involved. Any unwanted gear
from expeditions is to be placed into this supply for others to take as needed.

2) All New Horizon members are required to maintain an active presence in the
game and/or Discord. Any member found to have been inactive for over 30 days
without prior notice will have their stuff moved to an inactive room and may
be removed from the clan.

3) Respect others as you would want them to respect you. No harassment,
stealing, or otherwise disrespecting your fellow alliance members. This
includes behaving in a manner unworthy of the second chance we have all been
given, as determined by alliance leadership.

4) Any member found to have violated these rules may be subject to expulsion
from the alliance, with or without their belongings, as determined by a
unanimous vote from Alliance Leadership on a case-by-case basis.

5) All decisions regarding new members, promotions, rules violations, or
expulsions will be discussed and voted upon by Leadership ahead of time.
There will be no cliques or unfair decisions.


In accordance with our history, we accept those of all races of all alignments
who are willing to pledge to living in harmony with their fellow New Horizon
members, setting aside any racial or moral prejudice. Newer adventurers must
achieve Level 10 to show their commitment to exploring the world alongside us.