Dedication of a Darkened Soul (DaDS)
It has been written that the initial founder of this clan, as well as its
current members, are descendants of the first tainted souls to walk among the
streets of Voaleth. They were believed to have been among a group of orphaned
thugs which resided in the caves within the township. Rumor has been spread
of an unheavenly city near the Great Snowy Plateau, which had been built by
these hardened hands, ages after their initial start among the caves. This
alleged rumor may only be speculation, but there have been strange sightings
of these characters found about the mountains near this mysterious city.
These descendants, since leaving their inheritance of the caves, have taken a
turn for the worse. Their greed has led them far from civilized means of
reconciliation with any outside groups of travellers. A prideful bunch of
misfits it seems, who have definitely chosen a destructive path for all those
with whom they come into contact. This adventurous crew have torn through
villages and towns, doing horrible deeds to the women, and leaving their huts,
shanties, and homes pillaged.

As witnessed, their journey consists of dominance among races, the banishment
of other dark descendants with inherent kind characteristics, and, most
importantly, their dedication to
ALL requests of their Dark Lords and Queens.
Almighty Temohpab has instilled in them, since their creation, the unity,
wisdom, and necessary skill to fulfill this journey they have been sought
after. Years of experience, passed down among the generations, serve them
with the knowledge needed to achieve all aspirations that any of them have.
Their motivation for such tasks comes, not only, from their
Dark Lord, but
from years of ridicule, thievery, and treachery that they have faced in their
alliance with others throughout the land.

Code of Conduct

All descendants, or members, must adhere to the principle of
Integrity. In
this instance, meaning
"to do the right/wrong thing, whenever no one is

Only those who are
dark in nature, rather than character, will be chosen among
Darkened Souls.


Elder - Sets an example of character for all others to follow. Is also
responsible for asserting his skills to provoke the general attitude of

Papa - Is directly responsible for keeping a tally on all achievments (i.e.
treasures, rewards, goals

Daddy - Responsible for keeping a direct line of communication open among all
descendants. Will also hear any grievances, and present them to the crew as a

ALL Descendants - Fulfilling all tasks set before them. In general, aiding
any other bretheren with their hunts, whether it be seeking gear treasures,
all the way up to slaughtering the miserable elven herd in the Vaasa.
Descendants may be recognized among the crew as early as their 10th level.