The Dragon Guard (DRGN)

A long time ago, in a far-away Outpost, a group of nomads banded together to
create a dark force. The group started small, fighting the forces of Good.
As the group grew, so did the evil presence in this Outpost. Eventually, evil
conquered all leaving only a few very strong dragons to rule the land. Thus,
this group was left to guard the mythical beast. Eventually, as the Outpost
became barren and lay to waste, the group formed The Dragon Guard and decided
to return to their nomadic nature.

The group packed their hoards of treasure and loot onto countless pack mules
and headed in search of new lands and new adventure. They encountered many
obstacles in their journey. They eventually arrived at a long mountain range
that they had heard of in their travels. The impressive Dragonspires lay to
their west, and yet again an evil presence was surrounding them. As they lay
in the bedrolls by a campfire late one night, they were mystically summoned by
the powerful Temohpab. He assigned this rogue group a quest. The quest was to
simply spread his evil presence throughout a mystical land that lies to their
west. They immediately abandoned their camp, and started west to find a new

There are tales of mythical dragons that exist in this new land. Maybe one day,
The Dragon Guard will once again thwart all creatures, leaving behind only the
all-powerful dragons.


The main purpose of The Dragon Guard is to spread evil throughout the land.
As this evil is spread, The Dragon Guard is always in search of knowledge and
power. While exploring, we share the information learned amongst ourselves,
and also with other evil seeking beings. These goals will be achieved by
dedication and loyalty to one another. One for all, and all for one, The
Dragon Guard fights any foes as one entity.


Founder - Exalted leader of The Dragon Guard
Overlord - He who brings the heavy hand
Enforcer - Doles out punishments for violations
Scribe - Processes and records clan history and memberships


1- The Dragon Guard is run by committee. Any clan decision must be approved
by all four leaders.
2- Potential members must have approval by all 4 leaders.
3- Items in clan storage are meant for clan members only.
4- The existence of The Dragon Guard should never be spoken of to non-members,
except potential new members.
5- When clan members need help, they are given priority over non-clan members.
6- Clan members must remain active. After 2 months of inactivity the hierarchy
reserves the right to expel the member.
7- Acts of treachery against a fellow clan member are not tolerated. Abusers
will be drawn and quartered with the body parts spread across the land.
8- Clan stronghold location is NEVER to be told to any non member.
9- Non-members are NOT allowed in the Stronghold.
10-Any clan disagreements should be settled in the clan arena.
11-Honor, loyalty to clan, and abiding by the rules are a MUST.


1- Preferably evil alignment. Neutral will be accepted.
2- Only dark and neutral races allowed.
3- Must be level 10 to join
4- Membership must be kept in secrecy.