The CleanBlades (CLBL)
War had not touched our homeland in over two hundred years. It was not
because we were a massive nation or istant from others. It was only due to
the mystics of our military, the CleanBlades.
The nation had grown from nothing, even the marshes having been taken from
the evils of the night. It grew to great fields and forests and as it grew,
so did our strength. We believed ourselves powerful enough to defend our
home. We were wrong.
They came at night, from within our own land, and we knew nothing until most
of us where already dead. The King had been led to believe we were conspiring
to overthrow him, to take the land as our own. The man that did this was his
head of state, Sejus of the royal house Rhicst. We fled, we had no choice.
Many attempted to return to their homes, to find their families. Only one
returned, our leader, Rishar. The families of the CleanBlades were
slaughtered, there was nothing left.
We fled with our lives, scattering throughout the lands. Now, we are trying
to find what is left of our forces. Rishar stayed in our homeland, finding
the lost brothers. We will one day regroup with our leader to destroy the
house of Rhicst.

Hunter -This is the destroyer of our enemies, this is the leader of the
current section of the CleanBlades, and his rule is absolute.

Doyen - This is the most experienced one of the group, this person is to be
consulted before any decisions that concern the group are made, and all
conflicts within the group are to be addressed by the Doyen.

Keeper of the Blades - The Keeper of the Blades shall ensure the Blades are
ever at the ready, maintain order and discipline, and assist in the duties of
the Hunter or Doyen, in their absence.


Membership in the CleanBlades is by invitation only.
Only those who are willing to help our cause may join.
Never speak the location of the CleanBlades home.
The Founding members cannot be removed for any reason.
Current Clan Leaders are the only ones able to invite or remove members of the
clan. However members may be able to request for a certain person to join our
Only those who have gained level 10 or greater may join.
Remorts may rejoin CleanBlades without revote level restriction, at the
discretion of Clan Leaders. If a dispute among CLs arises, a full vote/quest
would be required, as if a newly joining member.
Any class is able to join.
Only the alignments of good and neutral are able to join. This includes the
full range from CN to LG.


The destruction of the house of Rhicst.