Brotherhood of Tortured Souls (BoTS)
The Brotherhood of Tortured Souls

As Temohpab, the Dark Lord, gazed out upon his realm, his eyes were ablaze
with anger - never had the forces of Darkness faced a more insidious threat.
He knew not how it happened, but his legion of followers and those that
professed to follow the Ebon Triumvirate had become pitifully weak. Though
loudly professing darkness, all The Black Unicorn saw as he traveled the land
were legions of the light disguised as his chosen. His rugged and tempered
forces had softened and the stark fist of injustice was weak. This travesty
was unbearable: it was time for the Ebon Triumvirate to intervene.

The Peacock King summoned The Triumvirate to counsel, an event that had not
happened in some time. Morkith, Xiroce, and Morr each entered the sanctuary
of Temophab with their share of reluctance and anger. They too noticed the
poor quality of their followers and were each afraid that Temophab would hold
them accountable. "Our followers" shouted Temophab, "are pathetic miscreants!"
His palpable fury shook the walls. "It is time to correct this. Each of you
will go out into the world and locate those souls are who are tortured by the
sorry state of their supposed kindred. We shall unite these souls in spirit
and deed, and the world of light will tremble when it beholds the power of
true darkness!"

Each of the Triumvirate immediately began their search, but in the end, only
seven were deemed worthy of the god's attention: an ogre, three vyans, an orc,
and two goblins. All of these mortals were approached by Temohpab and his Ebon
Triumvirate and asked to explain what they thought of their kindred. Each, in
turn, was quick to reply, often in tones of distaste or disgust, that the
darkness has been corrupted by a steady progression of mediocrity and that the
devotion to Evil and Unrighteousness among those who claimed to carry the Mantle
of the Ebon Underworld was pathetic at best and dangerous at worst. From the
vast hoards that claimed Black Fellowship, only these few tortured souls had the
sparks of unbounded ambition to rise above their petulant peers and the
malevolent dedication to their cause which Temohpab sought. The Triumvirate was
pleased, and demanded of them the following code of conduct, promising that
darkness would again some day be a source of terror if this code was followed:

* Members of the Brotherhood do not speak of the brotherhood.

* Members of the Brotherhood should take every opportunity to point out the
weaknesses of others, especially those who claim to bear the
Mantle of
Darkness but who do not follow the true path of the
unrighteous to eternal

* Loyalty to the Brotherhood is of paramount importance.

* Members of the Brotherhood must not knowingly provoke the gaolers.

* Members of the Brotherhood must be of known neutral and dark races, a
neutral or evil alignment, and of a pernicious nature.

* Membership in the Brotherhood is by invite only.

* Prospective members might be invited to come closer to all Three Faces of
Death of the Ebon Triumvirate at a convenient PK or arena area.

* Anyone who asks a member about possible membership will be immediately
disqualified from membership. They may, however, still be invited to come
closer to all Three Faces of Death of the Ebon Triumvirate at a convenient PK
or arena area.

* All Big Decisions must be made by the Brotherhood as a whole.

* Leadership titles will be allotted to members of the
Brotherhood. All leadership positions bear equal weight (except as
noted below). The titles shall be (in ascending order):
"The Emptier of Waste Buckets and Preparer of Food"
"The Pimple-Squeezer"
"The Broken Vase of Mortifying Banality and Washer of Dishes"
"The Pleasure-Doll of Adult Homo-Erotic Recreational Activities"
"The Dribbler of Bile"
"The Swollen Nub of Evil Thoughts"
"The Hand-Maiden of the Apocolypse"
"The Stark Fist of the Unjust"
"The Blind Fury of the Tortured"
"The Despoiler of Nations, Scion of the Peacock"

* Any member of the Brotherhood may call for a reassessment of the titles.
Titles must be relinquished to any Brother of greater power, but no one can
claim more than one title at a time.

* Should a titleholder become Distracted, his title is forfeit.

* The Despoiler shall have the responsibility of ensuring that anyone
admitted to the clan on their watch is not a member of the nation of
Light in disguise, sent by Lonil to infiltrate the Brotherhood and
spoil its plans for the Future of Evil. Failure of this responsibility
(decided by a unanimous vote from the other active members of
the Brotherhood - not including the member in question ) shall mean
that the Despoiler must relinquish his title and throw himself to the
mercy of the Temohpab and the Triumvirate (recreate). Thus having
been discovered, the member of Light shall be expunged from the
Brotherhood and subjected to No End of public humiliation, murder, and
torture. The ex-Despoiler shall be allowed to rejoin the Brotherhood
once a suitable level has been attained.

* Women, without exception, are excluded from the Brotherhood.

* Members of the Brotherhood do not speak of the Brotherhood