Army of Rejoicement (ARMY)
Founder :: Lesje
General :: Oerdom
General :: Fingolfin
Nine-hunderd years ago, a peaceful and vivid monastery near Vaasa was a
true place of rejoicement. Travellers were welcomed with open arms and
invited to stay for the night.

Good, rich beer was flowing in abundant quantities and the place was known for
its good food. The monastery was a place for social gathering for the local
population, sharing their stories of glory and battle. Lately, stories were
told of brutal pillagers from the south west from a city called Darkhaven.

One night, Grotak, a two hundred year old elf monk, visited his old monastery,
after an absence of fifty years, with his friends for the night.

That night, a group of lizardmen rangers and notorious Darkhaven vermin
attacked the monastery, slaughtering all people, except Grotak.

Bleeding freely, Grotak managed to escape the brutal murderers and fled into
the woods. Grotak kept running for three days, trying to outsmart his
opponents, before he found a small shelter and laid down to rest. That
night, a high fever made him delirious and he raved about his lost friends
Gantol, Tegster, Ilskji, and Daklerid.

Out of a local rainfall, an ugly, fat gnome formed before Grotak and started
running around screaming, "
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!", tinkering a stylized drop
of water, point up. After a few minutes Osse starts to speak. Barely able to
sit up straight, Grotak tries to listen to the god and accepts his mission to
free the world from the upcoming darkness and destroy the city of Darkhaven.
The next six hundred years, Grotak raised an army against the dark forces and
rebuilt the monastery.

After many victories, even more defeats and without any army left, his old,
fragile body is no longer able to carry out his mission. He retires in a
small, unknown monastery, where he meets a young halfling cleric called Lesje.

The young girl is intrigued by the stories of the old man and spends every
free minute with the man, sharing ideas and discussing about the army, which
the old man affectionally called his army of rejoicement. The old man teaches
Lesje some leadership skills and vyan, the common language of the enemy.

Ten years after the old man's death, Lesje decides to leave the monastery and
raises her own army against the dark forces of Darkhaven.

The destruction of Darkhaven.

Requirements for Application
Clan Religion
Only those who are proud followers of OSSE are considered for possible clan

Clan languages
Each clan member must have a basic knowledge of humanic and vyan.

Clan initiation
New clan members must have full support of the clan leaders. That is,
they require a 100% vote of those leaders to gain acceptance into the clan.
No exceptions.

Applicant must also present a corpse of their own to a current clan member
to prove the curse of resurrection is upon them.

Clan races
Only players who came off from the so called "light" and "neutral" races
are welcomed into the clan. These are the Halflings, Elves, Dwarves, Ents,
Gnomes and Humans. Lizardmen and dark races are not accepted, for obvious,
historical reasons.

Clan alignments
Those of an evil or chaotic background and nature are not welcome to join
the clan.

Clan Leader
the marshall of the army. The clan leader is in charge of the strategic
choices of the clan and overall supervisor of the mission.
Two Generals
the generals are in charge of training the clan to prepare for battle and
equipment, necessary to complete the clan mission.