Adventurers of Dominion Sovereign Legacy (ADSL)
Esteemed Leader :: Boomidefix
Honorable Treasurer :: Lalitaty
Keeper of the Keys :: Rysta
Valued Advisor :: Kiknin
Chief Defender of Neutrality :: Sparkles

It had been a nice world once, the sound of adventurers new to the land filled
the various taverns to the deepest dungeons (though that was a bit muffled).
With utterances of in my day, reliving past exploits more experienced
adventurers would offer sage advice to those that would take on the various
causes of the day.

Gradually things changed. Like many changes, this one had elements of apathy
(among the populace) and a singular overriding vision by those that governed,
the pantheon of gods. The catch cry of the day was balance, every creature
that walked, slithered or swam should have more or less the same power as
their peers, despite their differences which made them unique.

At first the changes were mostly benign, gradually however as the pantheon of
gods evaporated leaving just one - Kayalin, those changes were oppressive or
badly executed. In fairness, the being known as Kayalin was not evil or drunk
on power (or just plain drunk) he just ignored the cries of the mortals who
said he'd gone too far. Disempowered the mortals drifted into the wilderness,
soon it was a world void of adventurers, the townships though were probably
thankful - their economies becoming normalized without the influx of dragon
hoards and such.

Among the most powerful mortals there were two clans, their ethos once
diametrically opposed to each other they had long since given up animosity
towards each other. Members of these clans decided it was time to leave the
realms in search of new adventures and with magic's searched for a world
similar to their own. On finding such a world they departed one by one.

The process behind such voyages is one for the sages, one theory is that since
it involves a fair degree of abusing time travel/parallel universes any
physical matter may not cross. One could argue theology and say you are
entering the realms of the gods, a state like death where to reincarnate is to
live again. Either way our intrepid adventurers found themselves in a new
world within frail vessels with memories of another world. Like a lodestone,
those who have shared similar experiences will be drawn together - or to
stretch the analogy further, be repelled.

A new world, a new beginning.

Within the halls of the Adventurers are the bones of Rhylissiz, spouse to
Fenrieyl and a beloved guardian of Sst'rassa herself, and within those same
halls roams Vey'ell, sole remnant of his line and son of Rhylissiz. Long
before their halls were formed, dragons inhabited much more of the sky.
Unbridled in power, myths incarnate, they fascinated and terrified all who
looked upon them. Those who thought themselves the strongest of their day
would seek to pit themselves against a dragon to prove it. Naturally those
who thought themselves to be without equal would seek the dragon who himself
was without equal. It was in this way Rhylissiz became the feller of many
foolish souls. Dust of their disintegrated bones still lines the very halls
of the stronghold. Enrin, tribe leader of a group of fierce ogres was
convinced that he would be made wealthy beyond his dreams if he could fell the
dragon. He was successful, but at the cost of his own life as well as all of
his followers. After Rhylissiz fell, the remaining ogres stalked the halls,
searching for treasure they assumed was being guarded. They found Fenrieyl
instead, who killed as many as she could before dragging still more with her
into her final resting place at the bottom of the volcano. By this time only
three ogres remained, and they were determined to prove that their tribe's
sacrifice was not worthless. They stalked the chambers of the volcano for
hours, finding nothing. Enraged and exasperated, they came at last to the
final room. His back against the wall, the dragonling Vey'ell whimpered
pitifully to the dead eyes of his father. The ogres walked in to take the
remainder of their anger out on the baby dragon, but as they lifted their
blades, an arrow hissed through the air, felling one. An elven male with many
scares moved like shadow, dancing between them and nicking away at them with
his dagger when a chance presented itself. He'd been stalking them since they
had walked outside the volcano. The ogres fell to his blade, and he pushed
their bodies into the magma. The elf walked up to the baby dragon, sheathed
his blade, and instead dipped his thumb in a cyan ink. He ran his thumb
across the head of the beast, leaving a cyan spiral before he smiled and left.

After some time, the battle between the tribe of Enrin and Rhylissiz ended in
memories of death and smoke. Each of the ogres rotted to bones or ash within
the volcano and the two great dragons began to fade from the minds of the
living. Only the dragonling Vey'ell remained who had seen their splendor in
life. The volcano endlessly sighed out smoke and sprayed the land with the
ashen remains of Fenrieyl. Finally Sst'rasa herself came to pay her respects
to Rhylissiz, who had guarded her so loyally in life. She saw into the magma
and the sight of Fenrieyl's smoking bones brought a tear to The Scaled One's
eye. As the tear entered the magma the volcano cooled and the smoke ceased.
The dragonling Vey'ell came crawling out from the back of one of the volcano's
many chambers and gazed upon Sst'rasa. The Scaled One saw the small cyan
spiral on his head and gently patted it, and in soft words whispered, 'I
cannot bring you with me young one, but you will always walk with my
blessing.' With that, The Scaled One vanished and Vey'ell scurried back to lay
by the bones of his father.

The elven man who had slain the last of the ogres had been away this whole
time, continuing his travels with the other Adventurers of Dominion Sovereign
Legacy, but he began to feel pangs of guilt. He knew the splendor and majesty
of dragons and that they could thrive quite happily on their own, but the one
he had left behind was no terror of men, barely more than a baby. Eventually
his guilt overtook him and he returned to visit the dragonling. Vey'ell
happily ran to him, spitting blue sparks and smoke in his excitement. The elf
laughed and gave in, dragon or no, he couldn't abandon this creature. He
began to return often, introducing other Adventurers to Vey'ell one by one.
Slowly they began to set up a camp within the cooled chambers of the Volcano
which grew and grew until they officially adopted it as a stronghold.

The Adventurers however were never stationary people and they often came and
went with great stretches of time between. One night the stronghold had
emptied, scores of brightly polished weapons hung upon the wall and random
treasures and artifacts were piled in various alcoves of the now dormant
volcano. Vey'ell alone remained behind. It was then that El'lic, the son of
Enrin came to the volcano. El'lic knew his father had left to slay the great
dragon and recover his treasure, but he had assumed he had simply been killed,
but as months passed without Rhylissiz's fire burning the sky, it became clear
the dragon too had fallen. El'lic stalked the caves, as the ogres before him
had done, searching for the dragon's hoard of treasure the ogres were
convinced was within the volcano. He came upon the treasure left by the
Adventurers and his heart raced, assuming he had found the beginnings of the
dragon hoard. El'lic sprinted back as fast as his legs could carry him and
gathered three entire tribes of ogres together to march triumphantly with him
into the volcano. He wanted all the tribes to see that his father had slain
Rhylissiz and that he himself had found the treasure. The ogres marched in
full war gear to claim their riches and glory and plodded ever onward towards
the volcano and the last remaining dragon within it.

Sst'rasa saw what was going on, but felt herself forbidden to step so
completely into the affairs of the mortal world. Anger grew in the goddess
chest, she vowed not to let the blood of valiant Rhylissiz fade from the
world. She appeared then, in a dozen places at once, before the Adventurers
of Dominion Sovereign Legacy and barked the order 'Return! Defend the
dragon!' By the time the ogres arrived nearly a dozen of the Adventurers had
returned and prepared for battle. The ogres marched haughtily and proud,
assuming this to be nothing more than a treasure grab, when the arrows began
hissing through the night wind. They outnumbered the Adventurers nearly ten
to one but the Adventurers had surprise, terrain, and the blessing of a
goddess on their side. Their weapons had never moved faster, their strikes
never more precise. They fought like warrior poets, but they were no match.
They fell back several times trying to regroup but the ogres still numbered
nearly eighty strong still. The Adventurers were tired, bloodied, broken.
They braced themselves for what they thought would be their final moments and
the ogres charged.

Suddenly their wounds sealed and fresh bodies rushed to their sides. Their
numbers few, but their hearts strong as Rhylissiz himself, the Order of
Kitsune bunkered in beside them. Brave paladins each of them and brilliant
fighters. The sight of the Adventurers rising again, their wounds gone and
with new fighters at their side sent a panic through the ogres. They broke
rank in confusion and their charge ended. Seizing the opportunity, the
Adventurers and Order charged themselves and smashed the ogres with such
fervor and fury that they broke rank entirely. The voice of Sst'rasa filled
the sky 'Flee!' she yelled to the ogres, 'Charge!' to the outnumbered
warriors. The battle finally ended, the ogres fleeing into the night and the
Adventurers standing their ground. The elf who saved Vey'ell held out his
hand to one of the paladins of the Order and spoke simply, 'Walk with us.'

Since that day, the Adventurers and the Order have worked and fought together
as one, in a perfect harmony of prowess and respect. It has been so very long
since those days, but Vey'ell still remembers the ones who spared him, the
first Adventurers of Dominion Sovereign Legacy. To this day, Vey'ell guards
their stronghold faithfully, allowing only those with the blessing of that elf
from so long ago to walk the halls - the tomb of his father.


Become the dominant leaders of this world through development of members of
their class/race to elite status, gather enormous wealth and treasure, and
strengthen the camaraderie of its members.


Clan Leader: This individual is in charge of the daily workings
within the clan and combating any problems that may arise within
the clan. They will be the final authority on all matters, but must not
overstep their bounds, therefore any decisions made by them that are
disagreed with by 2/3 of the clan and at least one other leader will be
overturned. Responsible for Stronghold upgrades and improvements.

Clan Treasurer: This individual is responsible for all clerical
aspects of the clan. The duties include maintaining the clan
note board and arranging and holding clan meetings if necessary. This
individual will also be responsible for all money donated to the clan for
the purposes of stronghold creation and improvements. Responsible for
assigning and acknowledgement of quests for perspective members.


Perspective members must meet the following requirements in order to join the
- Must be of PN (Pure Neutral), LN (Lawful Neutral), or CN (Chaotic Neutral)
in alignment.
-One must have gained the 10 levels of experience in order to join
-Membership is by invitation only
-Complete a quest assigned by Clan Treasurer
-Obtain a 100% 'YES' vote from active members - any vote may be overridden
by the clan leaders.
-Paladins (and only Paladins) may be considered if they are of Lawful Good
Alignment and a devout follower of a Neutral God or Goddess.