Bard Skills List - Submitted by Naia

This is a list of bard skills and trainers. For those of you that are 'special' it's organized as follows:
-Things are listed by level with the skills you can get at that level listed below
-After each skill is listed there are parentheses. In these parentheses things are listed in this order: number of prac points needed and then trainers that teach the skill
-After the parentheses most skills have comments unless what the skill does is obvious and doesn't need comments. If you need an explanation on those kills, go buy a brain (they pop in grells).
-You may see something about reagents after this if the spell needs a reagent. If it's something that's sold in town and not in the one you checked, try another. If it's one you need to pop where it pops should be listed as well.

Also please keep in mind that I have only gone through this as a lightie so I can't actually confirm trainers in darkie towns and have to go off of either word of mouth or where things were taught in based off the original code.

That being said, if you encounter any errors or anything you think should be changed post a note on the info board with the details.

Anyway, I hope that this is helpful in some way. -Naia

Level 1 Skills:
-Appraise (3 pracs, Sulter's Shop)
-Calm (2 pracs, Swami), needed for slow, stops things from attacking you
-Create Light (2 pracs, Priest in Chiiron, Vyan Priest in voaleth, Larblad, Quzar), needed for create water and faerie fire (which is needed for fire shield). Higly useful
-Song of Moral (2 pracs, Bartender in Chiiron, darkie version unknown probably in voaleth somewhere), + hitroll
-Swimming (2 pracs, Chiiron, Dwarven Sergeant (2nd floor ydca), Llewyrr
-Woodsman, Goblin Stable Boy, Zamkin's quality armor)
-Climb (2 pracs, Chiiron lock smith, Llewyrr Woodsman, Voaleth- dingy shop)

Level 3 Skills:
-Dodge (3 pracs, teacher in medienne, Serge (ydca in Kha-da), Zamkin, Harklor), needed for parry

Level 5 Skills:
-Detect Magic (3 pracs, mage in Chiiron, Larblad, Quzar, Etrahnin), needed for detect hidden
Glass Bead, buy in town
-Haggle (3 pracs, Trader in Chiiron, Small Goblin in Voaleth, Discount Armor in Kha-da), highly useful. +/- 1% per skill level on buying and selling
-Slow (3 pracs, Swami, Quzar), needed for sleep
Snail Shell, buy in shops or find it sitting on the ground
-Song of the Wanderer (2 pracs, Traveling Minstrel), + move regen

Level 7 Skills:
-Create water (3 pracs, Priest in Chiiron, Ogre Shaman in Denab, Dwarven Priest in Kha-da), needed for create food
-Song of Zeal (4 pracs, Lord of Medienne), + damroll

Level 10 Skills:
-Bow (5 pracs, Forest Ranger, Orc Ranger in Brithbarad?)
-Riding (4 pracs, anywhere that sells mounts)
-Sleep (4 pracs, Mind Flayer), highly useful, needed for mists of sleep.
-Sneak (4 pracs, Chiiron locksmith, Harklor (Denab), Lefty (Voaleth))
-Song of the Sentinel (3 pracs, Village Idiot), improves armor class

Level 13 Skills:
-Faerie Fire (4 pracs, mage in Chiiron, Argorth (Denab Lab)), needed for fire shield, other then that this spell seems like it would only be useful for arena fighting someone that can hide
Bright Red Berry, buy in town

Level 15 Skills:
-Create Food (4 pracs, Priest in Chiiron, Dwarven Priest in Kha-da, Food and Furs guy in Voaleth), makes yumminess
-Detect Hidden (4 pracs, Gynosphinx, Sage in Pennan, Medienne Magic Shop, Denab (Argorth in lab)), needed for eagle eye
Bat Tongue, buy it from the hedge wizard or from skinning bats.
-Hide (5 pracs, Chiiron Locksmith, Llewyrr Woodsman, Harklor, Lefty (Voaleth)), highly useful, once you get this you are a thieves best friend.  makes you hide so things can't see you.
-Mystic Shield (5 pracs, mage in Medienne, Argorth), needed for fire shield

Level 17 Skills:
-Deafen (4 pracs, twisted man in medienne forest) I never learned this, never saw a point to it
-Song of Heroism (5 pracs, Gynosphinx), + hitroll (+2 or 3, not sure which)

Level 20 Skills:
-Parry (5 pracs, sos-kul warleader, trainer in chiiron, Ydca in Kha-da, Denab Arena, Captain of Voaleth Guard, Vaasa (old elven warrior)), self explanatory
-Song of the Mystics (6 pracs, Dryad in Castle Lag), + energy regen

Level 25 Skills:
-Fire Shield (7 pracs, witch north of Kha-da), shield of sexiness
Sulfur, buy it in the store
-Haste (6 pracs, Zar's tower), leeching spell of sexiness
Giant Rabbits foot, pops in rabbit warrens, its reusable
-Song of Fortitude (7 pracs, Traveling Minstrel), +2 con

Level 30 Skills:
-Eagle Eye (6 pracs, Mind Flayer, Fortune Teller in Narak) I find this to be useful at times. needed for identify.
-Mists of Sleep (6 pracs, in the monastery) highly useful, you can leave and reenter to sleep if even if they shrug
-Shield Block (8 pracs, lord of medienne, )
-Song of Legends (8 pracs, gynosphinx) +hp regen
-Water Breathing (8 pracs, sea sprites queen) haven't actually learned this one so I duno where it is or much about it
Seashell, on the beach.

Level 33 Skills:
-Blind (6 pracs, twisted man in medienne forest). this spell is highly useful. cycs, frosties, and bullies all blind. Also very useful for arena fighting
Charred Stick, buy in town/find on the ground, reusable
-Second Attack (7 pracs, trainer above the bar in chiiron, high monk, Denab
Arena, Master Lizardman hunter, Vaasa (old elven warrior))

Level 35 Skills:
-Continual Light (6 pracs, crab town priestess), good spell, lets you use golden balls without them going out.
Twisted Piece of Wire, buy in town
-Displace ( 8 pracs, mind flayer). this spell is also sexy
Glass Prism, buy in town, reusable
-Song of Valor (8 pracs, traveling minstrel). +2 strength

Level 37 Skills:
-Identify (7 pracs, crab town (Greld)), very useful to check for curses on pops or if you're just overly curious or want to know the level of an item.
Pouch of Silver Powder, buy in town

Level 40 Skills:
-Float (8 pracs, swami), makes you use less moves. fire shield doesn't go out with this when you move through water which is really useful in areas that have water.
Duck Feather, pop off ducks
-Gift of Tongues (6 pracs, in gremlins ghost of a fisherman's wife - do the quest involving a bone whistle), good, I don't need to learn dirty vyan with this.
Frog Tongue, kill a frog, get a tongue

Level 45 Skills:
-Silence (8 pracs, dirty cleric: need to do a long involved quest in the desert), I haven't actually gotten this, mostly because of the long involved quest and that it seems either you love this or hate it. It seems like it would be really good for arena fighting anyone who uses spell. I've seen it do well against cycs a few times.
A Divine Symbol, there are various kinds, pick the one you like best
-Song of Grace (10 pracs, Traveling Minstrel), +2 dex

Level 50 Skills:
-Song of the Wind (10 pracs, Pixies), teleports you using astral markers
>>Medienne - Knight
>>Vaasa - Blade
>>Voaleth - Whisper
>>Narak - Corsair
>>Savannah - Outback
>>Chiiron - Wayward
>>Sos-kul - Fire
>>Pennan - Hollow
>>Kha-da - Cairn
If you're mounted your mount will come with you.
-Sustenance (9 pracs, Priest in Chiiron, Vyan Maiden), you don't need to eat or drink with this, it's great.
Aster Flower, the flower shop in Pennan, they're really cheap.
-Third Attack (11 pracs, The leader in Sos-kul, need to get an iguana crown to see him)

Level 55 Skills:
-Fear (9 pracs, Ice Princess-> need a phial of moonlight from Aurelia to get to her), keeps enemies from fighting back or makes them flee. This spell is fantastic and highly useful. It is worth all the effort to get it.

Level 60 Skills:
-Tumble (12 pracs, in Tireths), goes off more often then dodge

Level 65 Skills:
-Paralyze (12 pracs, In frosties, same place as ice shield), I never actually learned this one because I heard it wasn't very useful against mobs (it uses a con check and many high level mobs have a 30 con). This skill would be more useful in the arena against other players then in a regular fighting situation.

Level 70 Skills:
-Trip (12 pracs, in Tireths (same place as Tumble)), This is one of the best skills on the mud. At higher levels its entirely possible you'll keep your opponent on their ass the entire fight. This skill is self-explanatory and if you don't understand you're a moron, get the skill anyway, its god.
-Song of the Ward (12 pracs, Swami) When you first go to the swami to learn this skill he will hand you four silver coins and tell you to give them to the following people within an hour:
>>Witch North Of Kha-da you learned Fire shield from
>>Lizard Shaman in Sos-kul
>>High Monk
>>Dwarf near the entrance to the mines that lead to warlocks (east of knight stone)
The person you wish to ward to must be consented. You can also ward to your pets but not if there is no light in the room they're in.
Lock human Hair, Pop off Dark Pikemen in Dark Citadel, 4 casts each

Level 75 Skills:
-Off-hand Attack (15 pracs, Behind Barbs Chieftain), self explanatory,don't be a moron